About that Naked Guy in the Shower

About that Naked Guy in the ShowerYesterday's blog on Stupid Pet Tricks & Real Estate Showings ended with the mention of a naked guy in a shower.  Of course he was naked, he was in the shower for heavens sake but as Paul Harvey would say....now for the rest of the story. 

Another agent and decided to take a little time to preview a few homes in a neighborhood in Northern Virginia.   Both of us were intrigued by a listing in Fairfax Station and when we ran the MLS information found the property listed as vacant. 

Vacant properties are terrific when you don't want to be on a time schedule and you can say what you want and figure no one will be following you around asking you a million questions.  Nothing seemed amiss when we pull up to the property.  No cars or anything that would indicate that someone was around.  The lockbox was on the door and the key was securely inside.  Figuring the coast was clear, especially since the MLS listing said VACANT we opened the door.

Now the layout of this home was a bit odd because as soon as we came through the foyer we could see him straight ahead.   Naked guy in the shower!  There wasn't a shower curtain so he was in plain view.  We shrieked, he shrieked, think Drew Barrymore encountering ET and we headed for the door.

Being the good agent that I am I stopped to lock the door and put the key back in the lockbox.  As we got into our car he comes running out the front door, thankful with a towel around his waist trying to get us to stop.  We hop in the car and lock the doors as he is trying to explain to us why he was there.  I didn't really care at that point and just put the car in reverse and haul out of there.  As we are driving away my associate is on the phone to the listing agent to let them know about naked guy.

The next day a rather contrite and apologetic call arrives from the owner of the property.  He had hired someone to do some repair work in the property and they had apparently decided to clean up after they were done.  After it was all over and we realized that there wasn't a pervert just randomly using showers in the neighborhood we were able to have a great laugh over the entire incident.

Once again it just goes to show that in real estate there are no ordinary days.  Now about the couple........

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Comment balloon 18 commentsCindy Jones • May 19 2008 02:41PM


I have always said, we should write a book about our experiences... But than again, I think for them to be truly appreciated the reader must have been involved in our business.... We can just keep them in the archives for the next time we are sitting around with an adult beverage!

Posted by Robert Rauf (HomeBridge Financial Services (NJ)) over 11 years ago

Cindy,  So many great ( and true ! ) stories from agents out there.  WWhy don't you compile them into a best selling book ?

Posted by Bill Gillhespy, Fort Myers Beach Realtor, Fort Myers Beach Agent - Homes & Condos (16 Sunview Blvd) over 11 years ago

Bill-I'd love to do that!  It might be better than America's Funniest Home Videos.  I'm not sure that the people would believe all of the things we encounter when we are out and about!

Posted by Cindy Jones, Pentagon, Fort Belvoir & Quantico Real Estate News (Integrity Real Estate Group) over 11 years ago

Robert-oh some of the experiences make great cocktail party stories and others would make an Alfred Hitchock movie!

Posted by Cindy Jones, Pentagon, Fort Belvoir & Quantico Real Estate News (Integrity Real Estate Group) over 11 years ago

So I am guessing this is not something you recommend for our listings.  I am willing to try anything.


Posted by Rob Graham, Rob Graham (Windermere Real Estate) over 11 years ago

So let me get this straight you and you side kick go trolling for empty houses, and randomly catch naked men in the shower at every turn and you print the blog so your husband will believe it was an accident AGAIN. So who's turn is it to be the look-out next time, Fess up Cindy LOL...

Posted by Steve Loynd, 800-926-5653, White Mountains NH ( Alpine Lakes Real Estate Inc., ) over 11 years ago

How funny!!!

Thanks for sharing your story.

Couldn't we have fun around a campfire telling our life's experiences.

Reading yours reminds me of several awkward moments.

Have a great week.

Posted by Linda Lipscomb, 731-695-1118, Lexington TN Homes (Linda Lipscomb RE/MAX Lexington Henderson County TN) over 11 years ago

OK, so this hired guy decided to clean up at the job site by taking a shower? I don't mean to be rude but, HELLO! Doesn't anyone see anything wrong with that. I would be so angry if the repair guy decided to shower in MY house. Sounds like one of those Angies list commercials!

Posted by Patrick Lambert, Hawaii Real Estate Expert (ALLY Real Estate) over 11 years ago

Cindy, isn't walking in on naked guys one of the perks of this gig?

Posted by Patricia Kennedy, Home in the Capital (RLAH Real Estate) over 11 years ago

Patricia-yes if they looked like Jason Campbell but not Mr. Fix it Guy :-)

Posted by Cindy Jones, Pentagon, Fort Belvoir & Quantico Real Estate News (Integrity Real Estate Group) over 11 years ago

Patrick-actually I was thinking of the commercial where the plumber takes a shower with all of the new body sprays.  Who knows how the owner handled the situation after the fact but he didn't sound happy on the phone.

Posted by Cindy Jones, Pentagon, Fort Belvoir & Quantico Real Estate News (Integrity Real Estate Group) over 11 years ago

Steve-alright you caught me.  Would this qualify as what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? 

Posted by Cindy Jones, Pentagon, Fort Belvoir & Quantico Real Estate News (Integrity Real Estate Group) over 11 years ago

Rob-depends on who you are trying to attract to your listing.  Guys want the scene from Flash Dance and woman want....well what do we want?

Posted by Cindy Jones, Pentagon, Fort Belvoir & Quantico Real Estate News (Integrity Real Estate Group) over 11 years ago

Well, the shower works for sure.

Posted by Melody Botting, You Deserve The Best (Broker Associate PenFed Realty) over 11 years ago

Linda-I do think a gathering a agents who reveal some very interesting stories.  I've heard a few that I just have to go "what were they thinking?"

Posted by Cindy Jones, Pentagon, Fort Belvoir & Quantico Real Estate News (Integrity Real Estate Group) over 11 years ago

Cindy, boy that's quite a story!  Haven't had that experience yet, but I was almost attacked once by a guy jumping out of bed startled that we were in the house.  I had rang the doorbell twice and knocked loudly before entering  Must have been the half empty bottle of Jack Daniels on the floor that caused him to initially sleep so heavily.

"Back off please... I'm just a REALTOR showing your house..."

Posted by Brian Block, Northern Virginia & D.C. Real Estate (RE/MAX Allegiance, Managing Broker/Branch Vice President) over 11 years ago

THAT has to be the best one I have heard so far!!! I have found people asleep in what was supposed to be a vacant home, but thank heaven they had clothing on!!!

Posted by Billnulls Blog Florida Realty Professional, AHWD (Charles Rutenberg Realty) over 11 years ago

Cindy, What a hilarious story.  Thanks for brightening up my day.  Just be glad you weren't filming for a video blog on the house.  That would have really benn hysterical.

Posted by Bob Cumiskey, US Army Retired, Your Sun City Center, Florida ~ Realtor (A1 Connection Realty, Inc.) over 11 years ago

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