VA? No way. Listing agents and sellers should be ashamed

It is hard to believe in the Northern Virginia area that any agent or seller would reject a VA loan on the premise that a VA appraisal is to tough or their will be a call for petty repairs.  In the last 10 years I've had two requests from VA for repairs on a property.  Both were for peeling paint in homes built in the 1940's.  The cost of repairs was less than $500 TOTAL for 2 homes. 

Let's get real folks and treat an offer as an offer no matter what type of financing the buyer is using.


Every Memorial Day, there are parades across the nation. People line streets cheering those that have put their life on the line so that we might live free.  Our history is strong. Our heroes wear uniforms. 

Hundreds of thousands of spectators at sporting events pause and rise for our National Anthem. We applaud those that come forward ... veterans of conflict of long ago and veterans of conflicts today. These men and women represent the best of the best.

We have statues and monuments and a wall.

We have family members that have survived and memories of family members we have lost.

When it is convenient, we honor our veterans.

Except when it comes to having them buy our house using a loan guaranteed by the VA.

I have represented veterans as a buyer's agent. More times than I care to mention, I have had a listing agent tell me "Your clients really presented a great offer, but, you know how those VA appraisals can be. My client just didn't want to have to go through hoops, making "unnecessary" repairs. Sorry, but they have chosen another offer."

It happens all the time.

The same people that dodged bullets so those sellers could sleep well at night have a difficult time buying a home. The pride we exhibit when they come home, is lost when it comes time to sell them a home. 

It is a damn sorry state of affairs in real estate.

What price freedom? The cost of making required repairs is too high? Having the home you sell deemed safe and liveable by the VA is to costly?  What price blood shed on a battlefield? The cost of nails, paint, brick or mortar is too much?

Why is it a line in the sand sellers won't cross? Are agents that greedy and selfish that they actually instruct sellers not to take an offer from a veteran because their loan is guaranteed by the VA? 

Will it ever be acceptable to say it out loud, "Oh, I see. It is OK to put my life on the line so you can enjoy yours. It is OK for the United States Government to recognize my service and offer me benefits that you use to keep me from buying your home. It is OK that you stand tall and honor those that have fallen and then return to you home and deny me the opportunity to purchase?"

I imagine the only solution would be to make all loan approvals go through the same standards. Maybe it is time, that all appraisals result in a "punch list" of things that must be repaired. Maybe the Feds need to find a way to make all necessary repairs uniform. Why stop and lead paint, missing railings are dangerous too. 

Maybe we need to identify veterans as a protected class?

Maybe it is time that sellers stop punishing veterans for using benefits they put their lives on the line to earn.

The VA takes a lot of hits for the way it handles various benefits. The consistent mis-treatment of those using a VA loan is not the fault of the Veteran's Administration. 

No. Veterans that keep seeing their offers passed over are just quietly receiving their "thank you" from an American public that can quietly set aside selling a home that meets VA standards and selling it to someone using a different loan that will not require them to meet the same standards. Sure, it may be more to the sellers bottom line, and in a way it confirms that the veterans efforts were not for naught. 

After all, veterans have served so that those sellers can live free and ignore basic decency in the pursuit of mo' money.

When those of you that quietly pass over an offer from a vet because of the VA financing, you should be ashamed. 

The promise of access to purchasing a home using a VA loan, should go beyond the words and find it's way into practice. We owe at least that much to those that serve.


John MacArthur


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Comment balloon 4 commentsCindy Jones • August 25 2013 05:49PM


The way we treat veterans and current members of the miliary really is a national disgrace. 

But this isn't new. When my husband came home from Viet Nam he was informed by his insurance agent that his premium would now be significantly increased. As a veteran, he was a poor risk. 

Posted by Marte Cliff, Your real estate writer (Marte Cliff Copywriting) about 6 years ago

Marte there are many things wrong with the VA system and have been for years. 

Posted by Cindy Jones, Pentagon, Fort Belvoir & Quantico Real Estate News (Integrity Real Estate Group) about 6 years ago

Home sellers should not fear VA financing. On the other hand, home buyers should compare VA costs with conventional alternatives.

Posted by Roy Kelley (Realty Group Referrals) about 6 years ago

Cindy -- I agree with you, the only things VA appraisers have ever requested were simple items.  Ooops, I take that back - one house had leaking roof, broken window, holes in walls and broken sink.   Even as repo, the bank fixed all those things.

Posted by Steven Cook (No Longer Processing Mortgages.) about 6 years ago

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