I Know of an ActiveRain SECRET Page - Let Me Take You There

Active Rain has a few secret pages that can help you find blogs by a variety of categories and if you are looking for something specific it's a good tool to use.  

top secret stampHey there, I see I piqued your interest! Who doesn't like to hear a good SECRET!

There is one page on ActiveRain that I visit every so often because I think it allows some interesting browsing of the site. The thing is... There is (at the moment) not a single menu link top or bottom that will take you there. We call it an "orphan" - there once was a path there but somewhere along the way it got left behind.

I'll take you to the page in a moment but let's talk first about what you can do when we get there.

First, when you signed up for ActiveRain you told the community the type of work that you do. Are you an Agent, Inspector, Home Stager, or handle Mortgages? Woudn't it be cool to search for other posts by similar sub-industry?

Secondly, every time you make a blog post there are all these questions to answer before you submit. You have to do tags and mark off groups and fill out this this thing called "categories".  Maybe you filed your post under tips and advice, or ActiveRain community, or market reports, or perhaps even humor. Now how in the world can you find OTHER person's posts about these same topics? Maybe you want to get inspired for your own market reports. Maybe you just want something a little off topic for a good distraction.

Ok - NOW follow me to the secret page that helps us surf through ActiveRain with these interesting search filters applied.

You need to go to activerain.com/blogs

- Yup that URL is right under your nose all day but there is no menu link to get there. Once you do get there, BOOKMARK it for future reference.

Now let's test it out. Let's search for some recent market reports to get ideas for your own blog:

market reports

Now let's search for blog posts by home stagers. Perhaps you'll get ideas for blog posts of your own or discover someone else in your industry you haven't yet connected with. Secondly, we can add one additional twist tell it to sort the results by posts with most comments. These are surely "must read" types of posts.

posts by home stagers

Now I could give you the direct links to these posts, but now that I've taught you how to fish, you can go find them yourself and many more worthy posts for you to read.

What I also like about the search results from this SECRET search page is that it shows the posts in full view and not just the synopsis paragraph view like in other blog rolls. This allows you to really go surfing and I'm sure you will see some posts that you would otherwise have missed.

Now about the SECRET part... hehe - well like I said the path to get there was unintentionally orphaned and Bob Stewart and I have talked about this. I know the devs must have this in their task list to bring it back to the spotlight. Meanwhile, don't miss it - it is a good find!

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I Know of an ActiveRain SECRET Page - Let Me Take You There
ActiveRain has a few secret pages that can help you find blogs by a variety of categories and if you are looking for something specific it's a good tool to use. Hey there, I see I piqued your interest! Who doesn't like to hear a good SECRET! &… more
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