5 Cures for the Economic Blues that will Help Your Business and Yourself

It's a long weekend for some folks and it's a good time to remember that we can take a break now and then.  It isn't good for us to be business 24 x 7.  My plan for tomorrow is to take a nice hike in one of our local parks, without my phone.  Hope you'll take a break too.


5 Cures for the Economic Blues that will Help Your Business and Yourself

I am not sure about you, but I have found myself feeling very frustrated with the State of the Nation and the direction of our economy.  The build-up occurred during the fiasco of Congress trying to figure out what to do with the debt ceiling.  That whole process was a disaster and frankly depressed the hell out of me.   We even had a few homebuyers put their search on hold due to their uncertainty and fear.   To make matters worse, there is also the banking crisis in Europe and fears of a global economic slowdown, thus exacerbating the fears that  our country is falling into another recession.  Yikes!  The most painful and tangible result of this are the losses that many of us have experienced in the stock market.   It is a weekly daily nightmare if you turn on the news each day.

So what is one to do ?   Here are 5 Cures for the Economic Blues:

1.  Take a Vacation - Heck, Congress went on vacation until September!  And our President is on vacation right now too!  5 Cures for the Economic BluesSo perhaps we should as well.  Take a break, smile and relax.  Looking back, this will be another blip on the radar screen as the United States is still the best country in the land.  As Jon Gordon says "We are the driver of our bus."  Take the time to reflect and set goals, challenge yourself to move forward, have fun and prosper.  In times like this, it provides the most opportunity for an individual to grow as well as businesses to take market share from their competitors.  And most importantly, in the real estate world, the golden rule is that as soon as you take a vacation, offers come in for your listings, other sellers want to list properties and the buyers you are working with are ready to write offers!  It is an immediate stimulus for your business.

2. Read -  Take the time to read some inspiring books in your field to better yourself and continue to make this a habit.  This will provide the opportunity to motivate yourself, set goals and to refine your goals.  Or just read to relax to take your mind off of  things that are bothering you to clear your head so when you are back in the work mode, you are sharp, clear and focused.

3.  Exercise - This is a no-brainer.  As our minds need to rejuvenate, so do our bodies.  I just saw a news report that for those folks that exercise 30 minutes a day, they potentially add 3 years to their life.  In difficult times, it is important to have stress relief to achieve that clear head so when you do make decisions, they are made of a sound mind.

4.  Set goals - When you have a clear head and can reflect and learn from the past, you begin to create a vision of what you want your future to be, in both your business and personal life.  Write your vision down, and set goals.  Post them on your refrigerator.  Read them out loud in the morning.   It is great for reinforcement. 

5.  Jump Into It - Have fun.  No excuses.  No need to pressure yourself, but also no need to hold back.  At the end of the day, it really does not matter what the economy is doing or what the stock market is doing.  That is out of your control or my control.  But what is in our control is what we do that day to accomplish our goals for that day and for the future.  Remember "We are the driver of our bus".


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